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The most exciting product to hit the playground surfacing market is Synthetic Grass for playground surfacing. Great for both residential and commercial applications, Synthetic Grass provides everything you could want from a playground surface.


Safety Is Key

Designed to look and feel like natural grass while providing superior protection against falls, cuts and abrasions, Synthetic Grass is an essential part of any safe children’s play area. You can rest easy knowing that your child is playing on the safest turf on earth.  Our Synthetic Grass is composed of an exclusive mono-filament fiber that is extremely durable, yet non-abrasive to promote comfort of play and product longevity. The infill consists of a measured combination of sand and crumb rubber to provide the necessary stability to the turf and proper support to the Synthetic grass blades.

For areas requiring fall height protection, an additional safety Shock Pad System is installed beneath the product. We can accommodate up to 12’ fall heights with our product line, exceeding all ASTM requirements.

Using Synthetic Grass also helps conforms to playground ADA requirements and requires little maintenance. The product’s drainage capacity is excellent, and play may resume shortly after a heavy rainfall.

Installation is performed by certified personnel that have been carefully selected for this purpose.

The Best Long Term Solution

Synthetic Grass will not harden and crack like pour-in-place rubber systems do and, unlike wood chips, mulch, sand and rubber chunks, Synthetic Grass will not displace, compact or become messy. Instead, a synthetic surface will provide the safety and cleanliness that your children deserve far into the future.

It’s fun to play on… your children will love having Synthetic Grass under their feet!

Not All Synthetic Grass Is Created Equal

In this industry, you truly get what you pay for.   Synthetic Dream Lawns is the industry leader in sport turf, offering the premier Synthetic Grass product available worldwide.  Synthetic Dream Lawns is a Synthetic Grass company.  No other product can match Synthetic Grass’s realistic appearance and feel, drain nearly as well, or be as durable and long lasting as Synthetic Grass.

Don’t you think your little athletes deserve to play on the best Synthetic Grass surface as well?


  • Provides long-term safety with the latest in surfacing technology
  • Eliminates the mess created by mulch, sand and loose rubber chunks
  • Meets ASTM F1292 Standards for fall heights of up to 12 feet
  • Meets ASTM F1951 ADA wheelchair accessibility requirements
  • No mowing, watering or fertilizer use… ever again
  • No more yellow or bare spots in your lawn
  • No more dirt or mud in your home or school
  • Eliminates an insect and an allergy environment
  • 15 to 25+ year life expectancy
  • Environmentally friendly 
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